Data Structures And Files

Data Structures And Files

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Concept of data, Data types, Data objects, Structure, Abstract data type, (ADT) and study. Implementation of data structure.Stack and Queues : Fundamental of stacks and queues, Data structure of stack and queues, Basic operations on stacks and queues, Disadvantages and applications of stacks and queues, Concept of circular queues, Basic operation on stacks and queues, Multi-stack and queues, Priority queues.Applications of Stacks : Polish notation (infix, postfix, prefix) Evaluation of prefix and postfix expression, Inter conversion of infix, Prefix and postfix expression. Use of stack by function call and recursive function call, Multi-stack machines, Parenthesis matching, Towers of Hanoi, Queue application.Linked List : Concept of linked list, Basic operations on a single linked list (Creation, Insertion, Deletion, Traversing, Concatenating, Inverting and length finding), Linked stack and queues, circular linked list, Advantages of circular linked list, Erasing circular linked list, Double linked list with basic operations like copy, Storing polynomial using linked list, Polynomial addition, and generalized list, Operations like copy, and equal depth on generalized list, Data representation for strings, Pattern matching in string.Storage Pool : Initializing storage pool, Allocating and (GETNODE) and deal locating (RET) a node dynamic storage management procedure for allocation and freeing of blocks, First fit, Best fit and worst fit memory allocation strategies.Binary Tree : Basic teminology, Data structure and representation of binary tree, Binary tree traversal, and recursive and non-recursive procedure for tree traversal, Basic operations on binary tree, (Creation, Insertion, Deletion, Printing, Copy, Equal and Depth finding), Threaded binary tree, Insertion in order threaded binary tree, In order traversal of in order threaded binary tree, Concept of binary search tree, Static tree labels, Huffman, Algorithms, Constructions of optimal binary search tree, Dynamic tree tables, Basic Operation on it-insertion, Deletion, Height balanced binary tree, LL, LR, RL, RR rotations.Sorting : Algorithm for bubble sort, Insertion sort, Quick sort, Selection sort, Shell sort, Merge sort, Heap sort, Radix sort, Radix exchange sort, Best average and worst case time complexity of each of the sorting and searching algorithm.Hashing : Hashing function, Overflow handling, Collision, Linear probing deletion, Clustering re-hashing bucket and chaining selection of good hash function.File Handing : Sequential and relative files, Description and organization, Primitive operations on sequential and relative file.Direct Access File : Description and organization, Primitive operations on direct access files.Indexed Sequential Files and Indexes : Description and organization, Primitive operations on indexed sequential files, Indexed concept, Linear indexes, Tree indexes, Algorithm for B-tree.Multi Indexed Files : Description and organization of inverted files, Multi list files, and algorithms for addition and deletion of records from the files.Linked List : Concept of linked list, Basic operations on a single linked list ( Creation, lnsertion, Deletion, Traversing, ... Pune. # 1, Amit Residency, 412 Shaniwar Peth, Pune - 411030, M.S., lndia. Telefax : +91 (020) 24495496/97, Emailanbsp;...

Title:Data Structures And Files
Publisher:Technical Publications - 2008-01-01


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