Database Modeling & Design

Database Modeling & Design

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This new edition of Database Modeling a Design continues to focus on the techniques for relational database design introduced in previous editions, starting with the entity-relationship (ER) approach for data requirements specification and conceptual modeling. Author Toby Teorey then looks ahead to the common properties in data modeling and operations shared among the relational model and advanced database technologies such as the object-oriented, temporal, and multimedia models. A full chapter is devoted to database design techniques for data warehousing and online analytical processing (OLAP). Teorey covers the database life cycle from requirements analysis and logical design to physical design for local, distributed, and multidatabases. The discussion of basic principles is supplemented with a common, running example: a company personnel and project database based on real-life experiences and classroom testing. Written for both the novice and the professional database designer, this book is the essential resource for database modeling, including the building of standard SQL data definitions. The design rules set forth in this book are applicable to any SQL-based system, including IBM DB2, Oracle V8.0, Informix IDS-UDO, Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Sybase Adaptive Server Enterprise. * Continued focus on relational model * Integration of information about data warehouse and OLAP, plus other advanced database technologies, including object oriented, multimedia, and temporal database * Discussion of basic principles is supplemented by examples based on real life casesGeographic data, as found in maps and satellite images, require pixel maps, orbit maps (raster data), or vector data ... As an example, a query to locate all the auto repair shops in a given square-mile area of a large city would be a form ofanbsp;...

Title:Database Modeling & Design
Author:Toby J. Teorey
Publisher:Morgan Kaufmann - 1999


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