Day of the Fish

Day of the Fish

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The Dogon believed that the alien Nummo would one day return to Earth. It was the duty of the Hogan, their spiritual leader, to safe guard the Earth until that time. The day of the Nummos' return was known to the Dogon as the qDay of the Fish.q Day of the Fish reveals that the amphibious Nummo, who came to Earth from the stars, were the goddesses known to the peoples of the Neolithic and Paleolithic ages. Many of the Dogon symbols identified with the Nummo were the same symbols that Marija Gimbutas associated with the goddesses of Old Europe. Dorey also compares the Dogon religion with what is known of the Jomon people of Japan, who were Mesolithic-Neolithic hunters and gatherers from around 14, 000 to 300 BCE. Dorey's research reveals that this is the oldest religion known to humanity and that understanding it is critical to our survival. She believes that knowing the truth about our past, will provide us with an understanding of the present and give us renewed hope for the future.The Unauthorized Guide To the Mysteries Behind the Da Vinci Code. (New York ... JPG User: PHG Archaeological Museum of Olympia, Tokyo National Museum Japan Commons Wikimedia 89 P.F.Fitzer symbolic a€œOne-Leggednessa€: Pacal as anbsp;...

Title:Day of the Fish
Author:Shannon Dorey
Publisher:Elemental Expressions Ltd. - 2012-01-11


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