Days of My Pilgrimage

Days of My Pilgrimage

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Set in the Caribbean, Days of My Pilgrimage tells a personal story seen through the eyes of a young girl of five years old, just starting out at school. This memoir contains Dawn Marecheau-Ballantyne's recollections of her childhood through early adulthood, as she recalls experiencing the friendships of best buddies and waiting for recess to eat qheavy bread, q lovingly secured in a brown paper bag by her mother. The whole world seemed different in those days as she stepped out in her navy blue uniform, panama straw hat, and soft mash-the innocent days of childhood. Dawn's maternal grandmother, Gran Dear, was the district nurse; as a girl, Dawn sometimes spent time in the clinic house, learning as much as she could. Her whole life was focused on community, love, friendship, and sharing. Together, all the children would make the pilgrimage to the spa for water and take the weekly Saturday afternoon walks to buy bread from Miss Antoine's bakery. Sometimes there would be impromptu trips to the mountain with Nola and Cissy or expeditions catching crayfish in the small river. The fun she and her friends experienced from those activities was incomparable to anything else. Days of My Pilgrimage shares a loving memoir of days gone by-times that left an indelible mark on her soul.Believe it or not, arithmetic was one of my favorite subjects back then but something must have transpired along the way. I enjoyed short essay writing and doing English assignments especially positives, comparatives and superlatives, a€œ good, better, best; bad, worse, worst. ... I really enjoyed this exercise; it was like a game.

Title:Days of My Pilgrimage
Author:Dawn Marecheau-Ballantyne
Publisher:CrossBooks - 2013-11


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