Death Under the Venice Moon

Death Under the Venice Moon

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From award winning author Maria Grazia Swan comes a story of international suspense and romance that will keep you on the edge of your seat... When her lover takes off on a cross-country trip with his ex-wife, Lella York packs her bags and her broken heart and flies to Venice, Italy, where her son Kyle is filming a movie. But Lella's romance hiatus is cut short when the papers name her the femme fatale lover of an iconic Italian actor. And things only get worse when the actor disappears without a trace and Lella's suddenly suspected of his murder. Lella and Kyle criss-cross European borders to escape the rabid Italian paparazzi, but her complications grow when Larry Devin, her misguided lover, shows up in the middle of his own crisis. Mystery turns to tragedy, schemes to disaster, and white lies to outright deceit, as Lella finds herself in a race against time to solve the mystery, reclaim her life, and follow her heart under the glimmer of a Venetian moon. What Critics are saying about Maria Grazia Swana€™s books: qIf you like a lighthearted fun frolic set through a fresh voice, then this new series (Mina Calvi) by Swan will fulfill your needs and garner the author a new following.q - Mark P. Sandler-Suspense Magazine qBy the end of the book, I was suspecting nearly every one of everything. Love Thy Sister is nicely done. - Mary Lynn,, qSwan has it down cold in her debut novel (Love Thy Sister): clean prose and a well-oiled plot make a compelling read.q - Noreen Ayres, author of the Smokey Brandon series qSwan's fascinating characters, and the fast pace of this absorbing novel (Love Thy Sister) will keep you reading nonstop to the end.q - Jude Morris, co-moderator - EPPRO (Electronically Published Professionals) qYou'll never again be fooled by the quiet streets and apparent chaste serenity atmosphere of your local community. The setting for (Mating Dance) is Phoenix, where Swan is a writer, relationship advice columnist, matchmakera€”and Realtor. Here are tales of love in unexpected places, of women with secret pasts and men who don't know what they wanta€”or what's not good for them...a€ - Las Vegas Review Journal, Debra McGuireI drive a newly redesigned Ford Focus with automatic transmission, very rare in Italy. Their personnel liaison ... aquot;But Carolyn is in town, and Ia#39;ve been her chauffeur and tour guide a couple of evenings after work.aquot; aquot;Carolyn? Your agent is ... Must cost a fortune to warm the place during the winter months. I wished I could haveanbsp;...

Title:Death Under the Venice Moon
Author:Maria Grazia Swan
Publisher:Gemma Halliday Publishing - 2015-02-16


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