Debugging Applications

Debugging Applications

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qJohn Robbins has done for Windows debugging what Charles Petzold did for Windows programming.q -Jeffrey Richter, author, Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows How can you prevent bugs from creeping into your programs-even before you begin writing code? What practices separate the debugging gods from the mere mortals? DEBUGGING APPLICATIONS describes a powerful, Windows-focused methodology for debugging on the offensive-starting at the requirements phase-so you catch and fix bugs at the source, before customers ever see your software. Expert bugslayer John Robbins reveals lethally effective real-world techniques for resolving just a bout any debugging problem-from memory bugs and disappearing threads to the hairiest multithreaded deadlock. * Learn the coding techniques that help you introduce fewer errors into your program and spend less time debugging * Use version control systems, bug tracking software, and other infrastructure tools to maximize product quality * Exploit the advanced debugging capabilities in the Microsoft Visual C++ and Visual Basic development systems so you debug faster and more effectively * Cushion crashes with structured exception handling and C++ exception handling * Decipher the x86 assembly language you see in the Disassembly window * Master the tools and tactics for debugging multithreaded deadlocks, cross-machine processes, multilanguage problems, Windows 2000 services and dynamic-link libraries (DLLs) that load into services, and other challenging situations Along with John's expert guidance, you also get eight of his battle-tested, professional-level utilities for solving many of the nastiest bugs you'll encounter. In all, the CD-ROM packs over 2.5 megabytes of source code to study and reuse. With DEBUGGING APPLICATIONS, you'll learn the proven practices the industry's best developers use to eradicate bugs at the source-and deliver better software faster!With DEBUGGING APPLICATIONS, youa#39;ll learn the proven practices the industrya#39;s best developers use to eradicate bugs at the source-and deliver better software faster!

Title:Debugging Applications
Author:John Robbins
Publisher: - 2000


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