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How would you react if you discovered that a cure for terminal Illness and disability, had been discovered over ten years ago but was banned from use because of the financial greed of top Doctors and Scientists, and corrupt successive Governments and you had lost a loved one or suffered yourself, as a result of the Government refusing to allow this treatment to be used and banning this treatment, owing to its effect on the profitability of the pharmaceuticals and the rise in the unemployment numbers This is exactly what Matthew Michellin, a womanizing, alcoholic, author and journalist finds out during a chance meeting with the Doctor who discovered it. This story follows their battle with the US and UK Governments, to get them to admit they did this and reverse the decision or they will inform the media of this deplorable act and how their lives are put in danger as a result because of both Governments being prepared to stop at nothing to ensure they fail. On leaving school, I trained to be an electrician, and once qualified, I became a professional manager, becoming a member of the Institute of managers. I retired on health grounds in 2006, I then opened my own catering company in 2011 and became a partner in a pub, unfortunately due to external influences I had to close my business, I then developed an insatiable thirst for knowledge, which inspired me to train as a freelance journalist and become an author. I lost my wife when I was only forty-eight.a€œSorry Matthew, I should have said the tall American gentlemanyou were with when you arrived back here yesterday afternoon after your jeep safaria€ she ... rude a different trait entirely buthelet her get away with itsimply becausehe saw her ina totally different light this morning. a€œYouwill find the doctoratthe pool side bar having a coffee. ... She took him by his left elbow and led him towhere thedoctor was.

Author:Steven Thomas-Leah
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2015-01-29


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