Decision-Making for Schools and Colleges

Decision-Making for Schools and Colleges

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Decision-Making for Schools and Colleges contains activities and exercises designed to present decision-making principles to pupils and college students and guide them in their life choices. This book is divided into 16 units that cover the principles, limitations, and objectives of various decision-making programs. The opening units of this book provide the participants of the decision-making program the means to discriminate between important and unimportant decisions and a glimpse of decision-making in a wider than vocational frame. These topics are followed by the interrelationship between the aims, interests, and value of the program. The subsequent units present certain aspects of information and decision theories and their applications to the construction of Expectancy Tables. These units also provide simulated experiences that may, or may not, be directly applicable to participantsa€™ eventual job choices. This book also deals with the value of consistent yardsticks for testing information of the written kind and checklist instruments of this kind in vocational and personal decision-making. Other units present the methods of judging a range of alternative courses of action based on their relation to the values and interests of the person who has to take a decision between them. Another unit focuses on various stages of contingency planning, together with their interconnections and the limits of the strategy. Some important and negligible consequences of decisions are tackled based on experiments, personal histories, and structured discussions. The concluding units deal with the structure of a considered decision in terms of the aim, information, and decision.... each Test % receiving each Total 11O. grade SCOres grade % students F-E-G-B-A F D C B A 1 1 80a€“89 100 100 5 1 4 ... specified Grades in the G.C.E. a€œ Aa€ level Economics examination (with an objective paper and an essay-type paper) Nanbsp;...

Title:Decision-Making for Schools and Colleges
Author:Dean F. Juniper
Publisher:Elsevier - 2014-05-18


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