Decoding the Secret Study Guide

Decoding the Secret Study Guide

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YOU ARE A LIVING MAGNET! You are where you are today because of the Law of Attraction. The Bible teaches us in Proverbs 23:7 that what a person allows to be part of their dominant thoughts then becomes who they are. Thoughts become things! Let Rich Cavaness and Leo Schreven explain for you how The Secret applies to your life from the Creator God's perspective. Until now there has not been a book that has offered all the pieces to the puzzle - now Decoding the Secret addresses the Law of Attraction from a mental, physical, emotional, financial, social and most importantly, from a spiritual standpoint. THIS BOOK WILL ADDRESS THESE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS: * Why do things always seem to go wrong for you? * Why does money seem to avoid you like the plague? * Why is your life a living testament of your dominant thoughts? * How does God work with the Law of Attraction? * Why does your lack of faith and belief prevent God's blessing? * How can you visualize and focus turn dreams into reality? * Why can your tongue be either a miracle or a curse? Using an open-minded approach, explaining clearly how The Secret is very real in our lives and Biblically proven, Rich and Leo, who are living testimonies to the Law of Attraction, will challenge and convince you that there is a God in the Universe who hears and answers your prayers... Ask, Believe, and Receive!So the idea that you can look at a necklace or a watch and it will leap onto your body, or that as you go to a car showroom and look at a BMW, it will suddenly appear in your driveway, is really beyond the scope of true physics. Do the dominantanbsp;...

Title:Decoding the Secret Study Guide
Author:Rich Cavaness, Leo Schreven
Publisher:TEACH Services, Inc. - 2007-06-12


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