Deconstructing Constructions

Deconstructing Constructions

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This collection of papers brings together contributions from experts in functional linguistics and in Construction Grammar approaches, with the aim of exploring the concept of construction from different angles and trying to arrive at a better understanding of what a construction is, and what roles constructions play in the frameworks which can be located within a multidimensional functional-cognitive space. At the same time, the volume has a historical dimension, for instance in plotting the developments which led to recent models. The book is organised in three sections: the first deals with particular theoretical issues, the second is devoted to the recent Lexical Constructional Model, and the third presents a number of analyses of specific constructions. The volume thus makes an important contribution to the ongoing debate about the relationship between functionalist and constructionist models.Based on the universal morphological template devised in Figure 4, Figure 6 represents marking on the nuclear element and ... Figure 5 displays marking on a non-nuclear element because the suffix contributes the categorial feature of the Word, whereas inflow ... in Figure 6, the relevant morphological features are projected up the constituent projection, as is shown by the tree-diagram in Figure 8.

Title:Deconstructing Constructions
Author:Christopher S. Butler, Javier Martín Arista
Publisher:John Benjamins Publishing - 2009-01-14


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