Deep-Sky Video Astronomy

Deep-Sky Video Astronomy

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Deep-Sky Video Astronomy is a concise guide to using modern integrating video cameras for deep-sky viewing and imaging with the kinds of modest telescopes available commercially to amateur astronomers. It includes an introduction and a brief history of the technology, camera types, etc. The authors then examine the pros and cons of this unrefrigerated yet highly efficient technology, which is already beginning to compete with expensive astronomical cooled-chip CCD cameras in quality and ease of use. There is a thorough examination of accessories used to achieve particular results. Examples are focal reducers, Barlow lenses, and optical filters. However, the focus is mostly on the practical side of creating beautiful and detailed astronomical portraits using image-stacking software, enhancement tools like PhotoShop, and creating color images with a black-and-white camera. Practical step-by-step examples supported by tried and trusted tips show how to achieve the best possible deep-sky video portrait!Manual. Guiding. If you are using an accurately aligned piggyback scope for guiding then your deep- sky capable video camera ... If using a computer with a capture device for guiding, moveable crosshair generating software can be used foranbsp;...

Title:Deep-Sky Video Astronomy
Author:Steve Massey, Steve Quirk
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2009-04-21


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