Deer Hunting with Jesus

Deer Hunting with Jesus

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After thirty years spent scratching together a middle-class life out of a a€œdirt-poora€ childhood, Joe Bageant moved back to his hometown of Winchester, Virginia, where he realized that his family and neighbors were the very people who carried George W. Bush to victory. That was ironic, because Winchester, like countless American small towns, is fast becoming the bedrock of a permanent underclass. Two in five of the people in his old neighborhood do not have high school diplomas. Nearly everyone over fifty has serious health problems, and many have no health care. Credit ratings are low or nonexistent, and alcohol, overeating, and Jesus are the preferred avenues of escape. A raucous mix of storytelling and political commentary, Deer Hunting with Jesus is Bageanta€™s report on what he learned by coming home. He writes of his childhood friends who work at factory jobs that are constantly on the verge of being outsourced; the mortgage and credit card rackets that saddle the working poor with debt, i.e., a€œwhite trashonomicsa€; the ubiquitous gun culturea€”and why the left doesna€™t get it; Scots Irish culture and how it played out in the young life of Lynddie England; and the blinkered a€œmagical thinkinga€ of the Christian right. (Bageanta€™s brother is a Baptist pastor who casts out demons.) What it adds up to, he asserts, is an unacknowledged class war. By turns brutal, tender, incendiary, and seriously funny, this book is a call to arms for fellow progressives with little real understanding of a€œthe great beery, NASCAR-loving, church-going, gun-owning America that has never set foot in a Starbucks.a€ Deer Hunting with Jesus is a potent antidote to what Bageant dubs a€œthe American holograma€a€”the televised, corporatized virtual reality that distracts us from the insidious realities of American life. From the Hardcover edition.Dell and Gateway accounts are in collection when the credit check is done for the loan. ... tells me that these days you can have as much as twenty thousand dollars in collection at one time and still get a home loan. ... in this country is allegedly 678, meaning one half of people are above that number and one half of people are below it. However, if the average person walking into Mikea#39;s office hits 600 ita#39;s a miracle. Credit scores in the working heartland often look like batting averages.

Title:Deer Hunting with Jesus
Author:Joe Bageant
Publisher:Broadway Books - 2008-06-24


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