Deliver Her from Evil

Deliver Her from Evil

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In a world desperate to cut its umbilical cord from big oil, Taylor Sonsara is ready to unleash the answer. While at the helm of UBIQ-Global, she catches the eye of take-over king, Evan Saban, who has her company in his grip. Using unorthodox means to investigate her, Saban takes great pleasure in this astonishing find and quickly moves to acquire both the woman and her amazing discovery. Bob Graham has the land that Sonsara needs to launch her model new-age city. But his intentions include more than just a real estate transaction, and when he threatens this asset-now belonging to Saban-the retaliation is swift and severe. Unaware of her husband's antics, Anneliese Graham believes they're living the idyllic life. She's a fun-loving believer of good and of doing good, but when her husband's deception and infidelity is revealed, the tragedy nearly overcomes her. Violence and revenge erupt as Evan and Bob are locked in their war. Yet it's Anneliese, the only innocent, who must deal with the consequences.On a ranch, in rural Oklahoma, the sound of a thousand of crickets, feverishly rubbing their legs together, filled the night air. This was home and ... Exhaling a steadying breath, he slid the key card through the security system lock and punched in the stolen pass code. Access was instantaneous. The system silently recorded his entry at 2: 13AM. lts memory bank whispered a hushed beep as it reset itself.

Title:Deliver Her from Evil
Author:Pauline Mygrants
Publisher:iUniverse - 2008-02


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