Demand Horizon

Demand Horizon

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The rules of new product development have changed. The most fundamental nature of supply and demand has shifted and markets have undergone a reversal. Users are in control now, determining the success and failure of every company and product in the market. Companies that underestimate the implications of this shift are guaranteed to fail, wasting time and resources pursuing products the market will not accept. Demand Horizon is a new mental model for understanding and adapting to the demand-driven economy. Ita€™s a framework for making sense of the new rules in product creation, offering both strategic understanding and practical actions for adapting to the new rules of business. Written by Gerry Campbell, an accomplished executive, entrepreneur and product creator, Demand Horizon illuminates the techniques and approaches that have enabled him to create patented products that are used by every person on earth who uses a search engine, social networking site or smartphone.gone and the focus was on 4K televisions, which have the highest resolution, most beautiful picture screens that Ia#39;ve ever seen in ... And they are suffering from exactly the same problem as 3-D TVs. There is no market demand. If that sounds familiar, ita#39;s because these companies are following the a€œfeeds and speedsa€ path. ... Definitely. Does the 4K TV exist because most TV buyers want one or will want one any time soon? Probably not. ... Samsung seemed to be a notable exception.

Title:Demand Horizon
Author:Gerry Campbell
Publisher:Advantage Media Group - 2013-11-25


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