Democracy and Security in the 21st Century

Democracy and Security in the 21st Century

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At a time when even the foundations and pre-eminence of the Western order are called into question by both the weaknesses of the transatlantic partnership and the spectacular rise of the Asia-Pacific region, suggesting a switch to a post-Atlantic order, the contributors to this volume provide specific answers to present-day interrogations pertaining to various processes of transformation. This book offers multidisciplinary perspectives on political, economic, social, technological and cultural dimensions of change, and proposes various possible responses to current global and regional challenges.... a new source of energy, as a new way to transmit the energy from source to consumer without the need for wiring. ... of Technologya#39;s Technology Review noted: a€œTo put the matter concretely, if a modern-day MacBook Air operated at the anbsp;...

Title:Democracy and Security in the 21st Century
Author:Valentin Naumescu
Publisher:Cambridge Scholars Publishing - 2014-04-11


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