Desert Sense

Desert Sense

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AmTechniques for traversing desert terrain-by vehicle, by mountain bike, or on foot AmStrategies for comfort, safety, and survival in extreme conditions AmSelecting gear and equipment for this special environmentLike any desert aficionado, Bruce Grubbs is obsessed with water: how much to bring, how to carry it, how to conserve it, and how to find it in the backcountry. But desert exploration involves much more. Grubbs provides the knowledge and skills you need to move through this landscape with confidence.In addition to techniques for hiking and mountain biking special to desert conditions, Grubbs tells how to prepare your vehicle for remote desert roads and how to avoid getting stuck in sand or busting a tire. He discusses navigating in the desert, qdry campingq skills, and techniques for minimum impact on this starkly beautiful but fragile environment. There are tips for dealing with desert heat-and cold-and other challenges (sharp spiny plants and venomous snakes are easy to avoid with a little preparation and know-how). But just in case, Grubbs troubleshoots the worst-case scenarios. Throughout, he gives an understanding of desert climate and seasons, and the unique plants and creatures at home in it.If you use the Global Positioning System (GPS), you can upload and download GPS positions and routes to your receiver, ... Such books can simplify your trip planning, but remember that the ultimate responsibility for your safety is yours. ... A little reading through such natural history guides before your trip can greatly increase your appreciation of the desert world. ... Conventional wisdom dictates that you must have a high-clearance, four- wheel drive (4WD) truck or sport utility vehicleanbsp;...

Title:Desert Sense
Author:Bruce Grubbs
Publisher:The Mountaineers Books - 2005-01-10


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