Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics, Second Edition

Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics, Second Edition

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This comprehensive introduction to rock mechanics treats the basics of rock mechanics in a clear and straightforward manner and discusses important design problems in terms of the mechanics of materials. This extended second edition includes an additional chapter on Rock Bursts and Bumps, a part on Basics Dynamics, and has numerous additional examples and exercises throughout the chapters. Developed for a complete class in rock engineering, this volume uniquely combines the design of surface and underground rock excavations and addresses: a€c rock slope stability in surface excavations, from planar block and wedge slides to rotational and toppling failures a€c shaft and tunnel stability, ranging from naturally-supported openings to analysis and design of artificial support and reinforcement systems a€c entries and pillars in stratified ground a€c three-dimensional caverns, with emphasis on cable bolting and backfill a€c geometry and forces of chimney caving, combination support and trough subsidence a€c rock bursts and bumps in underground excavations, with focus on dynamic phenomena and on fast and sometimes catastrophic failures. The numerous exercises and examples familiarize the reader with solving basic practical problems in rock mechanics through various design analysis techniques and their applications. Supporting the main text, appendices provide supplementary information about rock, joint, and composite properties, rock mass classification schemes, useful formulas, and an extensive literature list. The large selection of problems at the end of each chapter can be used for home assignment. A solutions manual is available to course instructors. Explanatory and illustrative in character, this volume is suited for courses in rock mechanics, rock engineering and geological engineering design for undergraduate and first year graduate students in mining, civil engineering and applied earth sciences. Moreover, it will form a good introduction to the subject of rock mechanics for earth scientists and engineers from other disciplines.Manual of Steel Construction (7th ed.) AISC, NY ... An alternative solution for the in situ stress state inferred from borehole stress relief data. Proc. 6th Intl. ... A Galerkin Boundary Integral Method for Nonhomogeneous Materials with Cracks. Proc. ... ground. Gere, J. M. and S. P. Timoshenko. 1997. Mechanics of Materials.

Title:Design Analysis in Rock Mechanics, Second Edition
Author:William G. Pariseau
Publisher:Taylor & Francis - 2011-09-29


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