Designing a 4 Watt FM Transmitter

Designing a 4 Watt FM Transmitter

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In the last decades, the increasing demands on wireless communication systems have required more development and improvement on the way of transmitting data and voice. While many engineers and scientists agree that the classical old technology of transmitting FM radio signals is de-facto standard, new methods are required to increase the flexibility of the communication system, and to make an efficient usage of power. This project identifies the methods of designing a digital-based FM transmitter using microcontrollers to operate in a range of 87-108 MHz with an output power of 4 Watt. The report clarifies the way of using a microcontroller to control the PLL circuit of the FM transmitter, and displays the required locked frequency on LCD. This study points out the ways of using the technology of microcontrollers to build FM system and show results on LCD.a The range of frequencies related to each detector organ 1 1.1 A typical Communication System 2 1.2 FM Broadcast Frequency ... 7 1.5 Frequency Modulated Waveform 9 1.6 Basic FM Transmitter Block Diagram 11 1.7 Narrowband FM Generator Block Diagram 12 1.8 ... Diagram 13 2.2 Basic PLL Diagram with phase Difference 14 2.3 Basic frequency synthesizer using PLL 15 2.4 Pre-emphasize circuitanbsp;...

Title:Designing a 4 Watt FM Transmitter
Author:Hadi Majzoub
Publisher:GRIN Verlag - 2015-02-25


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