Designing work groups, jobs, and work flow

Designing work groups, jobs, and work flow

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qFrom Training to Performance in the 21st Centuryq is a series sponsored by the National Society for Performance and Instruction (NSPI), which provides valuable how-to resources to help trainers, human resource professionals, and human performance technologists improve performance in the workplace. This book is part of a two-volume set, Redesigning Work Processes, which is a comprehensive tool kit for reengineering key work processes, whether within one work group or across functions. The set shows how to identify, describe, analyze, and redesign processes to increase corporate competitiveness and enhance human performance. Creating jobs and indepAndent work units that can sustain high levels of performance--through leaner processes and enhanced job ownership--is one crucial, yet often ignored component to achieving the full benefits of any reengineering effort. Glorified automation, downsizing, or redrawing of political turf is not the answer. A systematically focused redesign of work processes at the grass-roots level is critical to any organization that hopes to meet customer expectations and influence tomorrow's transformed marketplace. Designing Work Groups, Jobs, and Work Flow offers an integrated approach to using the most powerful tools of reengineering to design single work units that are productive, responsive, and build participant ownership and commitment. With numerous checklists, reusable worksheets, flowcharts, and other resources, Toni Hupp and her coauthors present a tool kit of practical tools and techniques for analyzing and designing the daily work flow, group structure, and job responsibilities of intact work groups. They provide the step-by-step procedures for capturing such detailed information as who performs what function, why, when, how, and to what outcome, and offer guidelines for improving those processes. For consultants, managers, team leaders--anyone charged with improving work processes--the authors show how to gauge whetheChapter 4, aquot;The Change Process: Why Change?aquot; describes how to define the importance and urgency of forces driving the change (pp. ... Kepner, C. H. and Tregoe, B. B. The New Rational Manager (Princeton, N.J.: Kepner-Tregoe, 1991). ... Westgaard, O. and Hale, J. The Competent Managera#39;s Handbook for Measuring Unit Productivity (Chicago: Hale Associates, 1985) describes components of surveyanbsp;...

Title:Designing work groups, jobs, and work flow
Author:Toni Hupp, Craig Polak, Odin Westgaard
Publisher:Pfeiffer - 1995-04-27


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