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What if...? Have you ever had a time when life just didn't seem to have the positive impact you thought it should? Are you board with the everyday doldrums routine, and looking for more? Would you do things differently if you had the chance to do it over again? Perhaps, within these pages you may be able to find alternatives that you didn't expect. Maybe it will raise a question or two to consider. This book may also help you explore different paths you have yet to encounter in life. Come with me on a trip to the unknown, and let's explore a journey I took, in a time not so long ago! TC Neiser has been a published author since 1971, when he published qSea Ecstasyq in his high school yearbook. He went on to submit writings for The International Library of Poetry in 2006 where he was awarded the prestigious Editor's Choice Award. His published piece known as qSea Ecstasyq was included in the writings of a limited edition collective work of authors, from around the world. He is now offering his first exclusive book - an adventurous look at a road-trip, with the experiences of a young age traveler having unexpected, humorous and at times - treacherous results.Of course, that would cost me about $300 for parts and labor and probably myjob as well, since I would be so late. ... I finally settled on a 1964 Ford Galaxie 500XL, which was really the only option in the lot because everything else was tooanbsp;...

Author:T. C. Neiser
Publisher:Xulon Press - 2012-03-01


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