Devils Courtyard

Devils Courtyard

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The Devils Courtyard is an evocative tale of two young transsexuals: Mimi - a scion of a very wealthy Florida family and Poison - a street urchin hustler. The pair meet in Floridaa€™s dangerous supermax prison while both serving short bits for minor crimes. This unlikely duo become best friends while navigating their way through the treacherous currents of this insular violent prison world.With Poisona€™s release closely approaching and the reality therea€™s no place to go for her but back to the streets, Mimi enlists the help of her family to keep Poison off the streets and out of a return trip back to supermax. Her parents succeed in setting Poison up in an apartment and enrolling her in Tampaa€™s top culinary arts school. Mimi and Poison-each counting the days until these best friends finally reunite in the free world.Poison settles in like a natural, top of her class and eventually lands a job as a chefa€™s assistant in one of the areas four star hotels, hosting big local conventions.While at the hotel, Poison runs across two major drug traffickers that are staying in two of the hotela€™s suites. Poison naturally suspects the two are using the suites as their trafficking home base and running their operation inside.Poisons suspicions lead her to sneak into their suites while they are out. Suspicions confirmed, Poison walks away with over a million dollars-with many more millions stashed inside their closet suites.Unfamiliar with how to handle such an amount, Poison relies on Mimi to help launder the money on an island Mimia€™s parents have many connections and are able to safely launder the money through a bank there.The plot thickens as Mimi and Posion are caught in a dangerous game of cat and mouse with deadly drug dealers and the cops.Since I had started working at the hotel, I had noticed two Latin gentlemen (and I use the term gentlemen loosely with respect to one of them) were frequent guests of the hotel; attending the dinner buffet and ordering room service. The hotelanbsp;...

Title:Devils Courtyard
Author:Jon St Thomas
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-09-09


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