Diana of the Crossways

Diana of the Crossways

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Diana of the Crossways is one of George Meredith's most popular and critically acclaimed novels. When the book was first published in 1885, George Meredith was well known as an advocate for the rights of women. He encouraged their legal emancipation and women's suf-frage. His writings reveal his sense of the injustice suffered by women because of constraints on their natural abilities. Diana of the Crossways illustrates a Victorian woman in the process of change as she attempts independence. The problems she faces offer a distinct departure from the treatment of conventional heroines of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Meredith understood and wrote so well about the conflicts women faced that Diana of the Crossways depicts the struggles that led to a new feminism. Nikki Lee Manos's introduction draws upon a wide range of historical and critical texts, from John Stuart Mill's feminist tract of 1869 to Mary Poovey's contemporary theories about gender in Victorian fiction. Diana of the Crossways is a central text for the study of nineteenth-century representation of women and the Victorian women's rights movement. Students and scholars of nineteenth-century British literature, women's studies, and cultural studies will find this novel with its invaluable introduction a must read in understanding women during the Victorian era.Whatever tuneful instrument one of your friends possesses shall solace your slumbers or batter the pate of your enemy. ... mean is due here now, by appointment to meet you, a#39; said Diana, and set him momentarily agape with the name of Mr. Percy Dacier ... Times were masculine; the excitement on the eve of so great a crisis, and Dianaa#39;s comprehension of it and fine ... on the political evenings and the social and anecdotal supper-nights, ran always in perfect accord with his ideal of theanbsp;...

Title:Diana of the Crossways
Author:George Meredith
Publisher:Wayne State University Press - 1897


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