Dick Francis's Refusal

Dick Francis's Refusal

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Six years ago, private investigator Sid Halley retired. Hea€™d been harassed, beaten, shot, even lost a handa€”enough was enough. For the sake of his wife and new daughter, he gave up that life, and he thought nothing would ever lure him back into the game. He thought wrong. Sir Richard Stewart, chairman of the racing authority, begs Sid to investigate a series of dodgy races. Sid refuses. Then Sir Richard is found dead under suspicious circumstances. And then a man with an Irish accent contacts Sid, telling him to deliver a whitewashed report about the suspected race-fixinga€bor else. At first Sid ignores these warnings. But as the intimidation tactics escalatea€”and his own family comes under threata€”Sid realizes he must meet his enemy head-ona€bor he might pay the ultimate price for his refusal.Ia#39;d already ordered a replacement Range Rover from the dealer, but it would take three weeks to arrive. My insurance, I discovered, did not cover the cost of an interim rental car in the event of a complete write-off. a€œIt only allows for a replacement car during the repair period, a€ the woman from the insurance company had said unhelpfully. a€œIf yours cana#39;t be repaired, then Ia#39;m afraid it doesna#39;t apply.a€ Marina, inanbsp;...

Title:Dick Francis's Refusal
Author:Felix Francis
Publisher:Penguin - 2013-09-03


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