Digital Electronics and Microprocessors

Digital Electronics and Microprocessors

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qThis book has been designed to meet the needs of students of electronic engineering, computer science and physics. It will also be useful to engineers and scientists who did not have the opportunity to study digital techniques and microprocessors in their college days. The book can be used for self study, practice and as a guide to what can be expected in the examination. The book consists of 12 chapters and 8 appendices. Each chapter contains: Solved problems (300 in the book) Unsolved problems with answers (320 in the book) Questions with Answers (450 in the book) There is separate section containing 465 multiple choice questions (with answers) covering all the topics. Readers will find the exhaustive glossary of over 500 terms very useful.439 Active pull-up 65, 91-92, 96, 439 Adder 439 BCD 160, 173-174 binary 141.174 full 139, 141, 448 hair 141, 448 used as subtractor 156 ... 441, 446, 454 BCD-to-hinary code converter 167 BCD-to-decimal decoder 150-151, 168 BCD- to-Excess-3 code converter 128 BCD-to-Gray code converter 152-153 BCD-to- scven segment decoder 139, 150 Binary 441 addition 99 digit, bit 24.441 number system 16anbsp;...

Title:Digital Electronics and Microprocessors
Author:R. P. Jain
Publisher:Tata McGraw-Hill Education - 1987


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