Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB®, Second Edition

Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB®, Second Edition

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In a field as rapidly expanding as digital signal processing, even the topics relevant to the basics change over time both in their nature and their relative importance. It is important, therefore, to have an up-to-date text that not only covers the fundamentals, but that also follows a logical development that leaves no gaps readers must somehow bridge by themselves. Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLABAr is just such a text. The presentation does not focus on DSP in isolation, but relates it to continuous signal processing and treats digital signals as samples of physical phenomena. The author also takes care to introduce important topics not usually addressed in signal processing texts, including the discrete cosine and wavelet transforms, multirate signal processing, signal coding and compression, least squares systems design, and adaptive signal processing. He also uses the industry-standard software MATLAB to provide examples of signal processing, system design, spectral analysis, filtering, coding and compression, and exercise solutions. All of the examples and functions used in the text are available online at Designed for a one-semester upper-level course but also ideal for self-study and reference, Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB is complete, self-contained, and rigorous. For basic DSP, it is quite simply the only book you need.The type of entropy coding discussed next gets around this constraint on the symbol probabilities. Two final points on Huffman coding: first, there is not just one unique set of Huffman codes for a given signal, that is, for a given set of symbolsanbsp;...

Title:Digital Signal Processing with Examples in MATLAB®, Second Edition
Author:Samuel D. Stearns, Donald R. Hush
Publisher:CRC Press - 2002-08-28


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