Digital Wealth

Digital Wealth

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Leverage algorithms to take your investment approach to the next level Digital Wealth: An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully reveals core investment strategies that you can leverage to build long-term wealth. More than a simple review of traditional investment strategies, this innovative text proffers digital investment techniques that are driven not by people but by algorithms. Supported by asset allocation research, the secrets shared in this forward-thinking book have underpinned cutting-edge investment firms as they integrate algorithm-based strategies. In addition to presenting key concepts, this groundbreaking resource explains how these concepts can give you an edge over the professionals on Wall Street through details regarding achieving financial security and meeting financial goals rooted in a firm foundation in behavioral finance, portfolio tilts, and modern portfolio theory. Investment strategies have evolved from one generation to the next, and the ability to leverage new digital tools calls for another overhaul of traditional investment concepts. Investment techniques implemented by algorithm rather than by human monitoring can, in some cases, prove more successful. The key to a balanced portfolio is understanding what these algorithm-based strategies are, and how to best use them. Explore insights from multiple Nobel Prize winning academics that can give your investment strategy an edge Consider how technology can open up powerful techniques to mainstream investors, including tax-loss harvesting and automated rebalancing Discuss how cost minimization and a strategic tax approach can boost your portfolio's compound growth Identify strategies that support the long-term growth of your wealth Digital Wealth: An Automatic Way to Invest Successfully is an essential text for sophisticated individual investors and investment consultants alike who want to explore how digital tools can bolster financial success.An ETF is expected to offer constant liquidity, but if markets for an underlying instrument dry up, then an ETF may ... A similar process occurred during summer 2015 when the Greek stock market was closed, along with Greek banks, while bailout negotiations were conducted. ... This can be done over the course of a single trading day, but the probable fall in value between days means that even if theanbsp;...

Title:Digital Wealth
Author:Simon Moore
Publisher:John Wiley & Sons - 2015-12-02


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