Direction of Time

Direction of Time

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This edited book presents the problems of time and direction from an interdisciplinary point of view, concentrating in particular on the following relations: a€c Time and physics a€c Time, philosophy and psychology a€c Time, mathematics and information theory It is a unique contribution by philosophers and scientists who are active in mathematics, physics, biology, engineering, information theory and psychology. Questions such as the existence of a Big Bang, the neurobiological basis regarding the coexistence of free will and determinism, intercultural aspects of time, mathematical models of time, psychopathological features of time, and micro reversibility versus macroscopic irreversibility are studied. It also provides a truly interdisciplinary study of the problematic 'arrow of time'.Geometry. of. Psychological. Time. Metod Saniga Abstract The paper reviews the most illustrative cases of the a€œpeculiar/anomalousa€ ... interpretation of the observed macroscopic dimensionality of spacea€”giving more conceptual challenges than satisfactory answers. ... Free University of Brussels (ULB), Campus Plaine, CPa€“231, Blvd du Triomphe, 1050 Brussels, Belgium M. Saniga ( B) Astronomicalanbsp;...

Title:Direction of Time
Author:Sergio Albeverio, Philippe Blanchard
Publisher:Springer Science & Business Media - 2013-12-09


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