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Dirt - and our rituals to eradicate it - are as much a part of our everyday lives as eating, breathing and sleeping. Yet this very fact means that we seldom stop to question what we mean by dirt. What do our attitudes to dirt and cleanliness tell us about ourselves and the societies we live in? Exploring a wide variety of settings - domestic, urban, suburban and rural - the contributors expose how our ideas about dirt are intimately bound up with issues of race, ethnicity, class, gender, sexuality and the body. The result is a a rich and challenging work that extends our understanding of historical and contemporary cultural manifestations of dirt and cleanliness.For example, Dant and Bowlesa#39;s21 workersa#39; outlook a€“ their rational explanation of the dirtiness of car repair work (due to ... from Tony Horowitza#39;s Pulitzer Prize- winning New York newspaper article about the working conditions and attitudes ofanbsp;...

Author:Ben Campkin, Rosie Cox
Publisher:I.B.Tauris - 2012-12-05


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