Disaster Survival

Disaster Survival

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What will you do if you are unable to buy groceries or gasoline, or are unable to go to work or leave your home for a week? Two weeks? A month? How will you obtain the goods you need to survive? Don't rely on others to provide for you and your family in a time of need. If a natural disaster, personal crisis, or terrorist act disengages you from the mainstream for several weeks or months, you need to be prepared to survive on your own, with no help from the government or others, until the crisis has passed. This book will guide you through the necessary steps you need to take to become self-sufficient for a short-term disaster situation. It will also encourage you to add your own ideas to customize your plan of action to fit your own individual needs. You will end up with a vast knowledge that will separate you, the educated and prepared, from those who will only rely on others for their needs.A Common Sense Guide to Catastrophe Preparedness L. R. Moehsmer. The Electric ... Most home and portable generators use gasoline, propane, or natural gas as a fuel source. For those of ... Research the type of generator you want to buyanbsp;...

Title:Disaster Survival
Author:L. R. Moehsmer
Publisher:iUniverse - 2006-08


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