Disaster Survival Magazine #1

Disaster Survival Magazine #1

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Survival, Prepping, Hunting, Camping, News, Current Events, Politics, Hot Topics, How 2 Guides, Survival Guides, Off Grid and Outdoors Lifestyle. Over 150 pages of blockbuster articles and sizzling graphics.This issue of DSM is the Conspiracy Issue: qOrder out of Chaosq featured articles: American Fall-An American Revolution, Blackout the threat of EMP, Cyberwar, FEMA/DHS and the Shadow Government, The Truth About Fukushima, Economic Collapse, ISON, BUG-OUT Get out of the cities now! strategic relocation with Joel Skousen, KRYPTEK Camo, Alex Jones qA Real American Heroq? Gray State Movie production team interview and more. DSM is not just a magazine it's a entire network of survivalists and preppers. Continuity of community. What we can't do alone we can do together.... on the information received from the future we can build it in time for it to be ready on the future date that instructions to build it were sent back. This is the holy grail of theoretical physics and telecnmmuuications industry that would make even Verizon jealous. ... Even the weirbot and remote viewers all predict a major impact related coastal event. Makes you wonder why they set up shop in Colorado.

Title:Disaster Survival Magazine #1
Publisher:Urbantek Media - 2013-11-13


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