Discover Windows 3.1 multimedia

Discover Windows 3.1 multimedia

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Provides a comprehensive introduction to and survey of multimedia. Presents strategies for incorporating sound, from the simple to the sophisticated. Includes a glossary of multimedia terms and concepts, plus how to incorporate sound and graphics into document.Follow the manuala#39;s instructions for further tests or return the card for a replacement. Some computers have problems with specific audio adapter cards, so check with the suppliera#39;s technical service department before ... If this doesna#39;t work, get a new copy of the driver software from the manufacturer of the card or download one from a source listed in ... hiss) on audio inputs as well as erratic behavior of FM- synthesized sound with audio adapter cards using the Yamaha OPL-3 chipset.

Title:Discover Windows 3.1 multimedia
Author:Roger Jennings
Publisher:Prentice Hall - 1992-10-01


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