Disruptive consulting: How to consistently earn $850/hour as a consultant

Disruptive consulting: How to consistently earn $850/hour as a consultant

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Disruptive consulting: How I consistently earn $850/hour as a consultant A consulting career offers unrivalled freedom and flexibility. Proliferated by the mindset of alliance rather than employment which has gripped the corporate world, it has become an increasingly desired occupation for most professionals. Today more than ever, corporates are aware of the benefits consulting offers, namely access to a fresh perspective and expertise without the need to commitment or to involve a new player in the intricate, sensitive or political aspects of the organization. It really is a win-win to both the consultant and the client, however many consultants are yet to find a strategy to make sure their diaries duly overbooked. In this publication, I am going to share with you how I consistently earn $850/hour as a solo consultant, with clients chasing me to fill up my diary. Just as Amazon disrupted retail and Airbnb disrupted hotels, this publication is about how to disrupt the consulting industry: You will learn powerful, effective hacks to obtain highly paid consultancy work. It is therefore assumed that you are already competent and professional in your field but that you are lacking opportunities for consulting a€“ and need a proven way to make sure clients will chase you for business and not the other way around. However in this publication, we are not going to focus on how to become competent in your field, how to behave properly and professionally towards clients, or for that matter, how to draw up a legal agreement. It is therefore not intended as a guide for incompetent individuals to pretend that they are consultants a€“ and to get paid for it. Neither is it intended as a guide on how to access large pots of government funding without reciprocating value. The good news is that the following four activities does not form part of this proven strategy at all: 1. Spending any money on advertising 2. Making any cold calls 3. Begging for referrals 4. Working as a slave for Facebook or any other social media platform to get noticed Since my background is in marketing, I established a way of making my marketing activities self-funded, or as the CIA would call it, a€œliving of the landa€. In fact, by the time a potential client contacts me, most of the a€œsellinga€ has already been done and it is more a matter of determining whether the client will be a good fit for me or not. In all honesty: whilst I have a MSC in Marketing and owned a few companies, I would not go as far as to describe myself as the worlda€™s leading authority on consulting, however I have developed one of the most innovative ways to ensure that my diary is ALWAYS full a€“ and that I can decline any work which I do not think is going to be a good fit. The model that we are going to discuss is perfectly suitable for consultants in the areas of Business a Finance, IT, Marketing, Sales, Security and a range of professions. Whether you are a technical, business or executive consultant, the principles will still apply. Please read my feedback on various digital channels before starting with the book. Enjoy your newly found profession!All Levels $100K publishing empireaamp; E-book + Adsense marketing course Adriaan Brits, MBA Marketing Coach | Trusted business adviser 59 , or or or or or (2) . ... Join Amazon Prime Kindle Store: See all 13 items Ap7.00 to buy 3ITTEEOIlcon.

Title:Disruptive consulting: How to consistently earn $850/hour as a consultant
Author:Adriaan Brits
Publisher:Adriaan Brits - 2015-11-09


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