Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, Second Edition

Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, Second Edition

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First introduced in 2001, Kerstinga€™s Distribution System Modeling and Analysis is the only textbook on computational modeling for electric power distribution systems. Computer models are only as good as their input, and this intuitive work clearly explains the principles and mathematics behind these models and provides approximation methods that help students recognize when a result is not what it should be. Using the same authoritative yet accessible approach, this second edition was updated to reflect the changes and advances in the field since the first edition appeared. Nearly every chapter of this book has been updated according to new trends and areas of interest, new technologies, and the increasing spread of distributed generation. Most notably, this edition features a new chapter on the center-tapped transformer for providing three-wire service to single-phase customers. New discussions consider the effects of mutual coupling between overhead and underground lines running parallel for long distances, expand on the discussion of induction machines to consider the rotor circuit, and examine the effects of distributed generation technologies such as windmills on feeders. Illustrated with numerous figures, examples, and exercises, Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, Second Edition remains the definitive textbook for teaching students to understand and model all aspects of modern distribution systems.lagging open wye-open delta, 385-388 lagging phasor diagram with negative sequence, 386 leading open wye-open delta ... loads, 376 with center-tapped transformer, 371 ungrounded wye-delta transformer, with center-tapped transformer, anbsp;...

Title:Distribution System Modeling and Analysis, Second Edition
Author:William H. Kersting
Publisher:CRC Press - 2006-11-15


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