Dividend Stock Investing

Dividend Stock Investing

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This is the eBook version of the printed book. If you liked this Short, you might also like Fire Your Stock Analyst!: Analyzing Stocks On Your Own, 2nd Edition (9780137010233) by Harry Domash. Available in print and digital formats. Your short-and-sweet, quick-start guide to investing in profitable, dividend-paying stocks. Many investors are attracted to fast-growing companies that could quickly multiply their investments. Dividend-stock investors have been around that block. Theya€™ve learned that successful stock investing is more about slow, steady gains than quick killings. For them, priority number one is finding stocks that produce steady income streams: Capital appreciation is icing on the cake.Most dividend stocks, including those issued by telephone companies, utilities, banks, or firms that make products or sell ... For those, your dividend tax rate depends on your ordinary income tax rate but tops out at the maximum capital gainsanbsp;...

Title:Dividend Stock Investing
Author:Harry Domash
Publisher:Pearson Education - 2011-06-02


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