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Conjoined twins Gordon and Johnny have never let their condition keep them from living full and fulfilling lives. Gordon looks forward to many years of closeness and cooperation. Johnny, however, faces their future with increasing restlessness, even dread. When the boys are in their teens, the new technologies of accelerated human cloning and brain transplants are combined into a single medical procedure. Someone whose body has suffered such extensive damage as to make normal life impossible may -- with court approval -- be cloned and then given a brain transplant into the clone body. With Gordon's unwitting assistance, Johnny realizes that this procedure provides the chance he had never dared to hope for -- the chance to live in a qnormal, q separate body. But Gordon considers their conjoined life a blessing, rather than a curse. He has no intention of accepting separation -- not without a fight . . . . Division, like Wyle's earlier novels, uses original settings and situations to explore universal themes: the complexity and intensity of family relationships, the nature of individual identity, and the far-reaching effects of the choices we make.what I do, I wouldna#39;t be a reporter, if I didna#39;t believe that it was good for people to find things out. Ita#39;sa€”an occupational mind ... Dodi checked to see whether Gordon was awake, and whether the reporter was withhim. Gordon was awake, alone, anbsp;...

Author:Karen A. Wyle
Publisher:Oblique Angles Press - 2013-11-30


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