DNA Probes for Infectious Diseases

DNA Probes for Infectious Diseases

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The process of developing nucleic acid probes for infectious agents and novel methods of detecting the binding of probes to the target DNA and RNA are reviewed in this thorough volume. Probes to a wide variety of bacterial, viral and protozoan pathogens are presented in detail by the leaders of this dynamic field. Also presented is the use of probes for antimicrobial susceptibility testing of bacteria and other infectious agents. The impact of the high cost of this technology on the clinical microbiology laboratory and on the food industry, versus the potential benefits of early diagnosis or recognition of contaminated foodstuffs, is considered. This volume is indispensable to those who work in the field of infectious diseases, including pathologists, microbiologists and infectious disease clinicians. In addition, food microbiologists will also find this volume to be a useful resource.While few laboratorians or clinicians will be involved in the design or construction of DNA probes, a basic review of probe ... A. Basic Vocabulary of Molecular Biology Like any branch of science, molecular biology has it own vocabulary. ... DNA, Plasmids, Cloning Vectors, and Restriction Endonucleases The heart of molecular biology is deoxyribonucleic acid or DNA. DNA is a double-stranded, helical molecule composed of pairs of nucleotide bases (adenine, guanine, thymine, andanbsp;...

Title:DNA Probes for Infectious Diseases
Author:Fred C. Tenover
Publisher:CRC Press - 1988-11-30


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