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Its 100, 000 years ago and Earth is visited by a benevolent race known as Phalecians. In an experiment, these beings alter the pre-humans' DNA in preparation for their return to Earth once human civilization is ready for first contact. However, as time passes, the Phalecians lose track of Earth's experiment, allowing its inhabitants to continue developing on their own. Earth and humanity are rediscovered by a Phalecian starship passing through the distant part of the galaxy. A massive search begins of Earth's archival records. The Phalecians must now decide whether to make contact or simply leave Earth alone...forever...with a major invasion by the dreaded cannibalistic Thetans looming over Earth's horizon. Author Bio Lawrence Vincent grew up and went to school in Mount Vernon, New York. He currently resides in Stephens City, Virginia. Lawrence teaches biology at a prestigious private college prep high school and community college. He loves doing both and believes his career is an excellent resource for ideas for his writing.Immediately, he jumped to his feet from the sofa and looked out the living room window in time to see the patrol car ... a€œAn anonymous government source revealed today that a mysterious message was given to NASA officials to realign theiranbsp;...

Author:Lawrence Vincent
Publisher:Strategic Book Publishing - 2009-03


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