Doctor Bob's Two Step Program to Weight Loss

Doctor Bob's Two Step Program to Weight Loss

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Seven important questions follow. Record a mental count of the number of yes answers. 1. 1. Are you overweight? 2. 2. Have you tried one diet plan after another with little or no success? 3. 3. Have you succeeded in shedding pounds during the first month of a diet program or exercise routine, but gave up because it was not happening quickly enough? 4. 4. After abandoning one diet program after another do you wind up gaining even more weight than before you began dieting? 5. 5. Looking back on all of your efforts, have they all been futile? 6. 6. Have you tried every weight loss program touted as the best, but none of them helped you lose weight? 7. 7. Are you on a continual hunt for a new program that offers a diet plan or exercise program that is supposed to make it possible to lose weight effortlessly and permanently? Did you answer a€œYesa€ to four or more of the seven questions above? If so, this book offers the answer you have been searching for: a simple yet powerful approach that provides the foundation for losing weight successfully and permanently. I must warn you at the outset that Doctor Boba€™s Two Step Program is not an approach you would have ever expected to encounter. As counter-intuitive and illogical as it may appear at first, my Two Step Program will work for you if you give it a chance. The approach reaches out to the real reasons why people gain weight.The first step of Doctor Boba#39;s Two Step Weight Loss Program is simple and easy to complete: Step One: Acknowledge the ... The aquot;No Currentaquot; that undermines your good intentions to lose weight is just like a computer virus that is running in theanbsp;...

Title:Doctor Bob's Two Step Program to Weight Loss
Author:Robert Rodgers PhD
Publisher:Zero Point Healers - 2014-05-30


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