Doing Time Together

Doing Time Together

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By quadrupling the number of people behind bars in two decades, the United States has become the world leader in incarceration. Much has been written on the men who make up the vast majority of the nationa€™s two million inmates. But what of the women they leave behind? Doing Time Together vividly details the ways that prisons shape and infiltrate the lives of women with husbands, fiancAcs, and boyfriends on the inside. Megan Comfort spent years getting to know women visiting men at San Quentin State Prison, observing how their romantic relationships drew them into contact with the penitentiary. Tangling with the prisona€™s intrusive scrutiny and rigid rules turns these women into a€œquasi-inmates, a€ eroding the boundary between home and prison and altering their sense of intimacy, love, and justice. Yet Comfort also finds that with social welfare weakened, prisons are the most powerful public institutions available to women struggling to overcome untreated social ills and sustain relationships with marginalized men. As a result, they express great ambivalence about the prison and the control it exerts over their daily lives. An illuminating analysis of women caught in the shadow of Americaa€™s massive prison system, Comforta€™s book will be essential for anyone concerned with the consequences of our punitive culture.... jeopardize highly prized visiting privileges) and emasculated by forced obedience and humility in the face of correctional officers, ... Darla enthused: a€œMy husband crochets, believe it or not! ... prisoner as girlfriend in which women portray incarcerated men in feminized terms and speak of their relationships as they would aanbsp;...

Title:Doing Time Together
Author:Megan Comfort
Publisher:University of Chicago Press - 2009-05-15


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