Domesticity in the Making of Modern Science

Domesticity in the Making of Modern Science

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The fourteen chapters of this volume directly challenge the strong historiographical opposition between science and domesticity by analysing the role of domesticity in the making of the modern sciences, especially astronomy, chemistry, horticulture, engineering, meteorology, natural history, oceanography, physics, and radio technology. The authors offer a pioneering reorientation of the traditional emphasis on scientific developments associated with institutional and professional realms, by placing at the centre of their analyses such notions of domesticity as the domestic sphere, the household, the home, the family, and kinship - both biological and 'fictive.' This reorientation, the editors argue, exposes the centrality of domesticity as a material, social, and symbolic substrate that critically shaped the historical development of the modern sciences globally.This essay, part of an edited book titled Swadesh: Amhi Marathi NRI (a#39;My country: We are Marathi NRIsa#39;), is one such publication. Swadesh is a collection of essays published in Marathi comprised of series of narrations of Indians who haveanbsp;...

Title:Domesticity in the Making of Modern Science
Author:Donald L. Opitz, Staffan Bergwik, Brigitte Van Tiggelen
Publisher:Palgrave Macmillan - 2015-10-20


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