Dominate eBay

Dominate eBay

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The majority of eBay business books on the market are of low quality, and even when they are the authors will only tell you so much. Well that's about to CHANGE. In this eBook you'll discover - secrets never told in ANY eBay book wholesalers and distributors not listed in ANY eBay book Refreshing techniques to take your income to the next level What, why and how to sell on eBay Proven ways to protect your eBay business to ensure success Plus LOTS more to help you succeed. This eBook is the complete guide to selling on eBay and boosting your level of income to the Ap1000's monthly. With a little dedication, strategic planning and research, you will succeed and become a top rated seller, powerseller, and of course create a profitable eBay business to enhance your lifestyle. NOTE: The majority of information is aimed at UK Sellers, though there are references and general tips that apply to US Sellers and beyond.Time management is key in business and Auctiva has many eBay tools in place to free up your time. ... 11% FVF a€c Collectables - 9% FVF a€c Consumer Electronics - 5% FVF (To a maximum of Ap10) a€c Media - 9% FVF a€c Motors (Depends on sale price) a€c Property - (No final value fee) Insertion fee Ap35 a€c Tyres - 6% FVF (To a maximum of Ap15) a€c Vehicle parts aamp; Accessories + Other electronics - 8% FVF a€c Watchesanbsp;...

Title:Dominate eBay
Author:Theo Ellis
Publisher:Theo Ellis - 2014-05-23


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