Don't Get Caught with Your Skirt Down

Don't Get Caught with Your Skirt Down

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A straightforward, no-nonsense, practical, woman-to-woman guide to understanding the economy and personal finance, navigating the sea of confusing investment options and cutting back on spending during this difficult, belt-tightening recession. Wea€™re in the midst of some of the toughest times wea€™ve ever seen. But ita€™s not time to panica€”with some solid guidance and financial savvy, you can weather this recession and come out on top. Jill Ketoa€”a selfmade entrepreneur and mother of twoa€”gives you the real scoop on personal finance, the markets, and how to spend and save wisely the way only a girlfriend can, in a down-toearth and straightforward manner we havena€™t heard from any of the experts. Youa€™ll learn: a€c Where the economy is headed and what that means for you a€c How to create backup income a€c Essential skills to help you thrive a€c How to deal with your big fat mortgage a€c How to keep your job a€c How to get what you need, cheaply a€c Where to save your money so it doesna€™t vaporize a€c How to haggle like a pro a€c How to cut your food bill in half a€c How to have no car payment a€c How to look gorgeous without spending a fortune a€c And much more!The instructions are easy to find on the web or in a car repair manual (like the Chilton series). I prefer the online instructions because digital photo technology has enabled users to share step-by-step photos of the repair process, which makesanbsp;...

Title:Don't Get Caught with Your Skirt Down
Author:Jill Keto
Publisher:Simon and Schuster - 2009-04-14


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