Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

Don't Know Where, Don't Know When

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Hannah and Alex move from San Francisco to boring Snipesville, where they meet Brandon, a dorky kid who is plotting his escape from the Deep South. Suddenly, the kids are catapulted to World War Two England. They encounter a world of bomb blasts, dragon ladies, painful punishments, and non-absorbing toilet paper. But they can't go home unless they find George Braithwaite, whoever he is, and whatever it is that he has to do with Snipesville. Original.... his gas mask box hung around his shoulders. He wandered for a while in search of a bathroom. Finally, he couldna#39;t wait, and he had to make do with a doorway in a deserted alley, although judging from the smell, he certainly wasna#39;t the first.

Title:Don't Know Where, Don't Know When
Author:Annette Laing
Publisher:Confusion Press - 2007


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