Doomsday Bunker Book

Doomsday Bunker Book

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We have all heard of people talking about a doomsday, or watched the TV show Doomsday Preppers. We have heard people called qPreppersq, or qWhat Iffersq. People have been talking about some sort of qEnd of the Worldq scenario, for decades. Even the United States government has many bunkers around the country, some of which have been bought by ordinary citizens and even preppers. Some of us are concerned something may happen sooner than later. I have heard more and more people talking about the possibility of an imminent disaster. Some people worry about different possible scenarios. For example; economic collapse, societal collapse, civil unrest, electromagnetic pulse, weather destruction, war, fire, nuclear attacks, terrorist attacks, fuel shortages, pandemics, geomagnetic reversal, etc.Many people are preparing for these scenarios of which they are concerned. It is estimated in the United States of America, approximately ten percent of the population are Preppers to one degree or another. No one knows if or when, one or more problems will occur. There is no way to predict a specific occurrence or time factor, and my crystal ball broke, so I cannot help with your prognostication. The best we can do is to be prepared for any eventuality. This is why I personally (and many others) believe an underground concrete bunker is the best idea. As I will explain, this Bunker will give you the best protection possible for the most scenarios.One need not be a conspiracy theorist to be concerned. People may think qDoomsday Preppersq, or qWhat Iffersq, as we are often called, are qnut jobs.q However, when TSHTF, we will be the ones who others will come to, since we will be prepared.To this end, you will probably want to get a clothes washer and dryer. l have spent considerable time researching this ... Electronics-2-3-cu-ftWasher-and-Electric-Ventless-Dryer-in-WhiteWM3455HW/ 203218437? ... Here is a small manual washing machine for when you have to conserve energy:anbsp;...

Title:Doomsday Bunker Book
Author:Ben Jakob
Publisher:The Pro Doodler - 2014-09-01


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