Doomsday Warriors

Doomsday Warriors

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Zhan, a man with a mysterious past, but whose loyalty has been proven to Micael and his allies, has set into motion a plan that will save Anastia from the greatest darkness no one knows exists - or so it seems. Zhan has conquered Zanathar and has finally gained revenge over his former friend. That, however, is not enough for the man. In order to save the world, Zhan must do whatever is necessary to unite it. Micael, a hero to all Anastians, has proven time and again that he is the world's greatest champion. Despite his unusual disappearance and remarkable return, the world still believes that he is the greatest hope against darkness. Micael, however, knows that something terrible is coming. He has seen it in visions and in his dreams. If it is not stopped, all of Anastia will be consumed in a darkness, the likes of which it has never seen. Will Zhan and Micael be able to cooperate when the time comes to make the difficult decisions or will they attempt to save the world through two very different paths? If they do go separate ways, what will become of their friends and allies, some who are completely loyal to Micael, while those loyal to Zhan would follow the man into the Abyss? When the moment of truth is revealed and the line is drawn, can the heroes of Anastia survive both danger and themselves? Doomsday Warriors: The Empire of Zhan is the third installment of the Guardian Saga and paves the way to the saga finale!a€œConley, help me!a€ he cried. The man grunted ... Julia worked quickly to repair the automatic and electronic controls. It was a failsafe, in the event ... She opened up a hatch near the controls and inserted the cube.The cube hummed, as Juliaanbsp;...

Title:Doomsday Warriors
Author:Donald C. Corrigan
Publisher:Author House - 2013-06-13


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