Double Blindside

Double Blindside

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STONY MAN Operating undercover at the President's command, the expert soldiers and cyber techs of the Stony Man team fight for freedom and the rights of the innocent, opposing terrorism in all its deadly forms wherever the need arises. NUCLEAR JEOPARDY The killing of U.S. operatives in Turkey threatens to jeopardize U.S.a€“Turkish relations. Committed to putting an end to the murder before another agent is assassinated, Phoenix Force heads overseas, only to discover the dead agents are just the beginning. Extremists have stolen nuclear devices and set targets in both Turkey and America. With the countdown to D-day already started, Phoenix Force must race to stop the bombs from detonating in Turkey while Able Team must do whatever it takes to neutralize the threat in the U.S. Failure is simply not an option.It was a lifesaver, and on this particular day it benefited the Able Team leader to the point where he was able to make ... As aware as he always was of violent reactions coming quickly, Lyons had to assume the armed men bracing him were overly nervous or had been given prior instructions to react in the way they were. ... Lyons had an affinity for his Python, often refusing to change to a different weapon.

Title:Double Blindside
Author:Don Pendleton
Publisher:Gold Eagle - 2015-04-01


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