Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio

Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio

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A beautiful young girl is found with her throat cut near a famous nightclub in the Rimini countryside. Next to her lies her murderer, his head shattered. He killed her, but who killed him? To answer that question, Maresciallo Maggio, Chief of the Viserba Carabinieri, will have to challenge a great many preconceived notions, and ultimately his instinct will be what enables him to discover the unimaginable origins of the savage crime. qNothing is more misleading than the evidence, q says an old adage, and Maggio would be the first to agree. The brutal crime unleashes the wildest fantasies of the media, more interested in wringing the heartstrings of the public than doing their primary duty: to inform. Because of the media pressure, the forces of justice feel compelled to show theya€™re achieving results. But that undue pressure has unexpected consequences. More witness than protagonist, Maggio operates on the dangerous and ambiguous Rimini Coast, guided always by his conscience. Methodical and reflective, he tries to go beyond the hypocrisy of the accelerated world we live in, based on social conventions that are very difficult to challenge. The character, already the protagonist of three short stories, made his debut in Giallo Mondadori (the best Italian thriller and police procedural magazine) No. 3061 of July 2012, but readers have had to wait for this story to find out his name. Maggio is a new entry in the genre of the Italian detective thriller, previously the exclusive preserve of magistrates and policemen, where the figure of the maresciallo is usually relegated to the role of co-star, when not a mere caricature. The author has created an adult version of the maresciallo, a character in his own right (from the reviews).... pivot tables as possible then begin an exhaustive manual search: phone call by phone call, conversation by conversation, ... They took the official Fiat Panda even though they werena#39;t in uniform, and parked under his apartment building.

Title:Double Murder for Maresciallo Maggio
Publisher:Francesco Zampa - 2015-03-30


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