Dr. Dobb's toolbook of C

Dr. Dobb's toolbook of C

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The C programming language. Putting C on a microcomputer: the original Small-C. C notebook: selections from Dr. Dobb's first C column. How compilers work. The Small-C compiler. A new library for Small-C. Small-Mac: an Assembler for Small-C. P: a Small-C preprocessor. Getargs: a command-line argument processor. Cross-reference generator in C: a program conversion aid. CC: a driver for Small-C. CP/M BDOS and BIOS calls for C. Small-tools: programs for text processing. Grep.c: a generalized, regular expression parser in C. Optimizing strings in C.COM Compile 8080. ... Codes nnnnn EXPLANATION The indicated number of bytes of buffer space was actually used for the internal MIT. ... MESSAGE xxxxxxxx - Write Error Bad Expression Specifier Bad Hex Byte Cana#39;t Find Instruction in MIT Cana#39;t Find ... An illegal hexadecimal byte value was found in the source file.

Title:Dr. Dobb's toolbook of C
Author:the editors of Dr. Dobb's journal
Publisher:Brady - 1986


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