Drawing Morals: Essays in Ethical Theory

Drawing Morals: Essays in Ethical Theory

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This volume contains selected essays in moral and political philosophy by Thomas Hurka. The essays address a wide variety of topics, from the well-rounded life and the value of playing games to proportionality in war and the ethics of nationalism. They also share a common aim: to illuminate the surprising richness and subtlety of our everyday moral thought by revealing its underlying structure, which they often do by representing that structure on graphs. More specifically, the essays all give what the first in the volume calls structural as against foundational analyses of moral views. Eschewing the grander ambition of grounding our ideas about, say, virtue or desert in claims that use different concepts and concern some other, allegedly more fundamental topic, they examine these ideas in their own right and with close attention to their details. As well as illuminating their individual topics, the essays illustrate the insights this structural method can yield.A person contemplating a career such as nursing or surgery may know that in it she will do much to relieve othersa#39; pain. But she may also rightly fear that the constant exposure to pain will harden her character, changing her from someone anbsp;...

Title:Drawing Morals: Essays in Ethical Theory
Author:Thomas Hurka
Publisher:Oxford University Press - 2011-06-17


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