Dreaming In Hindi

Dreaming In Hindi

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a€˜I took up with Hindi at a time when it seemed my life had buckled out from under me ... I no longer had the language to describe my own life. So I decided Ia€™d borrow someone elsea€™s.a€™ Having survived a serious illness and now at an impasse in her career, Rich spontaneously accepts a freelance assignment to go to India, where she finds herself utterly overwhelmed by the place and the language. Before she knows it she is on her way to Udaipur, a city in Rajasthan, to live with a local family and join a special language school offering 'total immersion'. What follows is a year of linguistic adventure and cultural surprises in which Rich gradually sheds her foreignness to discover a new country and a new way of communicating. Fascinated by the process, she seeks out linguistic experts around the world to understand what goes in the brain as we pick up a new vocabulary. Both a clever, lucid and funny memoir, and a unique investigation into the science of language acquisition, Dreaming in Hindi offers an engrossing account of what learning a new language can teach us about distant worlds and, ultimately, ourselves.I was copying Hindi social phrases in Devanagari script, hoping to inscribe the words in my brain, when a jostling sound made me look up. a€œExcuse ... for love. Guffaws went up all around. Not pyar, a€œlove, a€ the waiter said, shaking his finger. Pyala, a€œcup, a€ he said, and ... Priyanka Sharma, who exhibited noteworthy patience when it came to answering my everlasting slew of questions about India and Hindi.

Title:Dreaming In Hindi
Author:Katherine Russell Rich
Publisher:Granta Books - 2011-08-04


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